Photo Challenge: 27 Loyal Barn Dogs

Barn doggos are the best doggos, and we’ve rounded up 27 of the best of the best, as submitted by our readers. Horse Nation, you’re in good paws.

No barn is complete without its requisite canine mascot, whether it’s a working herding dog, a lovable mutt that “guards” the tackroom couch or the quintessential small horse show dog that keeps the place rolling. For this week’s photo challenge, we wanted to see your barn dogs in action around the place — and as always, our readers really delivered!

Best barn dog, Hazel. Credit Kim Klipping

Roger with his best pony friend Paisley. Credit Kristin Matheny

Bagel the beagle says being a barn dog at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is a hard job! Photo by Emily Bernstein

Sydney Sunshine Rohm: Give a girl a good horse and a good dog, and she can conquer the world ?? here’s my favorite shot of me with my mare Sierra and my dog Merle. Photo credit goes to the EXTREMELY talented Morgan Chapman Media

My seven month old Standard Poodle puppy, Thor, meeting my three year old filly, Juniper. Both were very interested in each other. Photo by Anita Kennedy

Kristen Pierce: Taking a walk around the neighborhood with my horse Ace and his puppy brother Radar. ❤️
Photo by Nick Abano.

Jessie Green: Wally (photo taken myself from the back of a horse while out on a trail ride) – he’s the best all around farm dog, trail riding companion, assistant trainer, and horse show dog you could ask for

Merlin the Old English Sheepdog is our official mustang gentler at A Mustang Named Folly & Friends. When I get a new wild mustang in, he always ends up getting first touch in before I can. He also helps these horses see that dogs can be loveable friends instead of dangerous wolves. Photo by Chelsea Gammon Bowen

Kathleen Keough: I’m pretty sure this is what heaven looks like #agirlandherhorse #agirlandherdog #gonehorsecamping Photo credit to Mickyla Clark

Kellie Bossert: Some of my favorite barn buddies: Tarzan the Catahoula and Gumby the Walking horse. Tarzan is slacking on his herding skills here after Gumby saw himself out of the barn ??‍♀️. (Donna ‘s critters and my photo skills).

Meagan DeLisle: Flash and Ty aren’t too fond of their little brothers, Kirby and Bowser. Photo by Wayne DeLisle

Falkor comes to work with me every day, even on his birthday! Hard working little barn dog.
Photo by Nicole Jajliardo

My boys helping me at feeding time! Photo by Mandie Aaron

My Flat coated retriever pup and his 2yo half arabian. Photo credit Nicole Kubesh

Chuck scouting out the terrain before heading up them cows.
Photo: Heather Louisiana

My rescue girl Molly! She’ll herd anything that breathes and moves from cats and chickens to cows and horses ?
Photo credit- Christy Castle

Duke and his Quarter horse Gabby, grazing buddies! Photo by Kristen Santospago

Muddy farm dog. Photo credit: Kimberly Lanning

Abigail Perley: This is Captain, who was born at the barn after his mom showed up and decided she would live there. Two years later, Captain still loves going to hang out with his really big brother!
PC: Matthew Perley

Benny on barn duty. Pc: Belinda Notman

My boy, Duke, follows along on pretty much every ride.
PC: Michelle Koneski

Jayme Landry Nault: This was our best group photo ? King Kong, Cane, Chance and Milo. My only pic of my boys all together! Photo by Hank Cobb

When your dog matches your client … Bentley & Savvy. Photo by CLIPclop Bodyclipping by Morgan

Denny and Ripley at Coastal Hunter Jumper. Unfortunately we lost Ripley (dog) last August. Photo by Lexi Poteat

Kimberlee Besemer: Photo credit to J. Frazz Photography.

Ezra Grey went to his very first horse show last weekend and decided to outsmart the heat! Picture by Presley Carico

Following the pup! #barndog #horsenation #goriding

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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