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From above, cows look rather like giant goldfish circling in a pond…

Okay, it might be a little weird to share my own video for Drone Cam Wednesday… but when some friends from out of town came to visit and brought a drone along, I figured hey, why not? Welcome to a little bird’s eye view of the pastures out at my family farm.

While drones might get a bit of a bad reputation for spooking horses when they catch riders unaware, I found that with a good-minded horse and a cautious but horse-friendly drone pilot, it’s not too difficult to introduce one to the other. My OTTB Jobber found the drone to be fascinating, like some sort of large hovering bird, and when it was high up in the sky as I drove cattle up out of the creek, I barely realized it was up in the air at all.

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Jobber via drone cam

Bird's-eye view of #TeamNoArena! Video courtesy of Amelia Maslen and Austin Sting.

Posted by Jobber Bill, 2018 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover on Saturday, August 18, 2018

Things I learned:

  • From above, cattle move rather like a school of goldfish in a pond.
  • My border collie is kind of a nut
  • I am so lucky to have such a beautiful space in which to ride!

Welcome to my little corner of Horse Nation! Go riding.

Special thanks to Austin Sting and Amelia Maslen of Amelia Maslen Photography.

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