Tuesday Video: Harvesting the Barley

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways. Or at least, the most satisfying ways.

Yes, the realist in me knows that diesel-powered tractors with their massive combines are the most efficient way to tend to and harvest crops, especially in a world in which fewer people than ever are having to come up with ways to feed more people than ever, with less land than ever. A few passes with the tractor and this field of barley would be just stubble.

But the nostalgic traditionalist in me, with a strong love for draft horses and their invaluable contributions in agriculture, still loves videos like this one, in which we can see things done “the old way.” This four-abreast of Percherons draws the barley reaper skillfully, keeping an even pace and handling a square turn like real professionals.

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Cutting the barley field yesterday by Joffre.

Posted by 24-2 Draft Horses on Sunday, August 19, 2018

While the draft horse as a real working animal has largely had his heyday come and go, with draft farming now practiced more as a hobby than an actual means to an end, it’s great to see a steady team and skilled driver still putting in a day’s work.

Go driving!

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