SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: If Horses Were People, Broodmare Edition

Our favorite SmartPak video series is back with a broodmare edition! Also, this may be the most impressive, creative pregnancy announcement of all time. Congratulations, SmartPaker Sarah!

Horse Nation loves SmartPak’s “If Horses Were People” series — because we love to laugh at SmartPakers Sara and Sarah reenacting scenes we know have played out at barns all over the world. These are universal horse people moments… thrown into hilarious relief when acted out by a human.

Sarah in particular really went all-out for this one — introducing the new Broodmare Edition of If Horses Were People, which may go down into horse history as one of the most impressive and creative pregnancy announcements of all time. Yep, that’s right — congratulations to SmartPaker Sarah!

Anyone who’s ever worked with a broodmare knows these feelings all too well. We can’t wait to see what SmartPak comes up with next!

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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