KER Friday Video: ‘Little Red Horse’

Inspired by a real “little red” off-track Thoroughbred!

Juni Fisher’s music has you picturing wide open spaces out west where there’s plenty of room to gallop your cow pony; her lyrics take us from the ranch to the cutting pen and back again. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Fisher was a cowgirl from birth judging from her music alone — but her horse experience has taken her through a variety of disciplines!

We’re particular fans of her song “Little Red Horse”: in the song, the speaker finds a little red horse running a match race at the county fair, which doesn’t go particularly well when the horse manages to dump his jockey at the start. She buys the horse and takes him home, slowly taming the wild side of him and going on plenty of great long gallops.

As so often happens, art was inspired by real life — and Juni Fisher’s own “little red horse” was in fact an off-track Thoroughbred named Mach Two whom she purchased in 1994 as an eventing prospect. Much like the song’s horse, it took a year for Mach Two to settle down and adjust to his new life, but he did become a great eventing mount with a fabulous gallop.

In tribute of Mach Two, enjoy “Little Red Horse”:

As one who seems to somehow partner with multiple little red horses (some big, too) of varying levels of difficulty, with my latest too an OTTB, this song may have just become my new anthem.

Go riding!

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