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“I’ll ride a horse as long as I can get a foot in the stirrup and get on.” We love and respect those sentiments, Seth. At the age of 78, you’re looking good up in that saddle.

“I live every day to the fullest… and for me, that’s being in the saddle.” These are words that many of us likely live our lives by. But for Seth Lauer, that mantra is still guiding his steps at the age of 78. Seth still rides pastures two or three days a week and holds down jobs at two sales barns, proving that while the body might age, the soul remains eternal as long as you find what feeds it.

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SAY i WON'T Feature// Cowboy Seth

SAYiWON'T Feature// This story is about Seth Lauer, a 78-year-old cowboy who still challenges himself daily. He inspires us to stay active and keep working hard – no excuses! #SAYiWONT #COWBOYA Salty Roan Production“Ridin" by R.L. Hayden

Posted by SAYiWON'T clothing on Saturday, December 9, 2017

While we may joke that horses and horseback riding prematurely ages us — those self-destructive horses are just so STRESSFUL — the fact of the matter is that having a lifelong passion that keeps us active may help keep us feeling younger longer, or at least give us a place where we’ll always feel like home.

Most of my experience with this belief is from working with several mentors who still show up to work every day, saddle a horse, throw a leg over and go ride. There’s no easy retirement for some kinds of cowboy (or cowgirl) — they’ll always be riding.

Seth Lauer and those like him are inspirations. And I’m sure for most of us reading right now, we too will plan to ride as long as we can put a foot in the stirrup and get on.

Go riding, Seth.

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