Tuesday Video: Self-Loading Team

As if these gorgeous matching roan drafts weren’t already enough to swoon over, they also both self-load… and how.

Wotan and Rocky are a social media-famous team of blue roan Belgian draft horses, primarily working as a logging team and individuals. These horses and their handlers still practice the old traditions of horse-drawn logging, which is often easier on the earth and the forest with much less impact than large machinery, as well as able to get into spaces where machinery could not due to the closeness of the woods or the slope of the land.

While typically Wotan and Rocky’s fans ooh and aah over their feats of strength and surprising nimbleness in the woods, this video recently went viral as well. Watch these two gentle giants self-load into the trailer… from the back of the barn.

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Verladen am Morgen,vertreibt Kummer und Sorgen?Die beiden sind einfach nur genial ?

Posted by Die Blauen Belgier on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Now that is a well-trained team, and horses who clearly enjoy their job!

Go driving.

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