Total Saddle Fit Sunday Video: The Multitasker

If you’re multitalented… then multitask.

As someone with multiple interests, one of which is the all-consuming love for horses, I feel this video. It’s hard to juggle your schedule when you have several hobbies all competing for equal attention, so sometimes a girl’s gotta figure out how to multi-task.

According to the video’s description, this beautiful blend of music while mounted didn’t come overnight — it took some patient desensitization work. The final result, however, is as beautiful as any symphony we’ve ever experienced!

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Maybe I’ll just play my own freestyle music! (Been wanting to try this for years, just never got around to it! Took a little desensitizing though – he totally bolted first time I tried. This was take 2. ??)

Posted by Donna Dodson Fraser on Friday, August 17, 2018

As the original video states — might as well play your own freestyle music when you’ve got it this good!

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