World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Gallop on Hoylake Beach

What equestrian hasn’t dreamed of galloping down a perfectly flat and empty beach with a good friend? Live the dream in this week’s drone video!

Hoylake Beach is a wide stretch of damp sand in Merseyside, England, a town favored by beachgoers and sailors… and also by horseback riders. After all, who hasn’t thought about finding the perfect stretch of firm sand where you can balance, rise up out of the saddle and turn your horse loose to stretch his legs, racing nothing but the wind and the tide and a seagull or two?

Actually, we CAN think of something better — racing alongside a friend. Live vicariously through these eager riders, captured from a bird’s-eye view via drone cam:

Can you smell the salt in the air and feel your horse’s mane whipping in your eyes? Go forth and find your beach.

Go riding!

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