SmartPak Mon. AM Feed: SmartSupplement Pastes

Did you know that some of your favorite supplements from SmartPak are also available in paste form?

Looking for short-term use of a particular SmartSupplement in convenient paste form? SmartPak’s got you covered!

There are plenty of periods in a horse’s life in which you may wish to add additional support on temporary basis — think showing, changing barns, transitioning to a new feed or shipping over long distances. For short-term changes such as these, a feed-through supplement may not be the most practical way to give your horse the best support (though it can certainly help!).

That’s why SmartPak offers a select few SmartSupplements in an orally-administered paste:

  • SmartCalm Ultra: herb-free formula that can help manage stress and anxiety in skittish horses
  • SmartLytes: sugar-free formula that replaces minerals lost through sweat and encourages horse to drink
  • SmartShip & Show: support for optimal performance with prebiotics and probiotics, plus electrolytes and Vitamin C
  • SmartDigest Ultra: comprehensive support including prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • SmartBreathe: MSM and quercetin for inflammatory response, plus antioxidants for cellular health

Pastes can be administered in addition to feed-through SmartSupplements without posing any risk to the horse. If you’re planning to hit the road for the rest of this summer or make some big changes in your horse’s life, consider SmartSupplements in pastes!

Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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