KER Friday Video: 79 Years Young

If anyone ever suggests that you’re too old for riding, kindly direct them to 79-year-old Ron Thompson, who gallops many of his own racehorses.

Breezing horses and working long hours as a full-time horseman might seem like a young man’s game, the kind of career where you’d expect to retire and move on to a job with a bit less physical impact.

But 79-year-old Ron Thompson wouldn’t trade his lifestyle for anything else. He does the majority of the work around his stable of racehorses himself, from feeding to breezing. Some might even argue that this lifestyle keeps him young.

Thompson is certainly a self-made man, having built his way up over a 65-year racing career starting as a teenager. Despite a wreck that left him paralyzed for a few months, he came back to the racing world, knowing and loving no other way to make a living.

Watch the incredible video from At The Races:

“It’s a good way of life, isn’t it?” We couldn’t agree more, Ron. You’re an inspiration.

Go riding.

Kentucky Equine Research is the Official Equine Nutritionist of the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018. This week, Kentucky Equine Research staff flew over from the U.S. to process the European feeds gathered at the consolidation point. They’re taking inventory, collecting samples for naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) analysis, and repairing bags damaged in transit, before packing it all into two 40-ft. refrigerated shipping containers.

Overall, they’re importing about 120 different feeds from nearly 20 European brands and will be offering an around 20 different feeds from a selection of U.S. brands as well. In addition, Kentucky Equine Research is coordinating with the federations, Peden, Dutta Corp., and U.S. regulatory agencies to facilitate the shipment of additional feeds with the horses, since in many cases final team selections are made after ocean freight containers depart to reach the U.S. in time for the competition.

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