Best of JN: Best #InMyFeelings Challenge

The bar has been raised… literally, because who can do this better than a show jumper?

The #InMyFeelings challenge has taken over the internet as people all over the globe dance it out to hip-hop artist Drake’s newest hit song “In My Feelings.” There have been some impressive collaborations in addition to quite a few fails as well, but the teams at Jumper Nation and Draper Therapies agree — if we could declare a winner it would go to Brittni Raflowitz.

The professional show jumper from Wellington, Florida daylights as the owner of ESI Show Jumpers, but we are starting to wonder if she secretly competes in the dance world on the side. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE MOVES.

And to top it all off? The horse, of course. He just patiently stands there as if to say, “Oh no… mom’s doing that thing again.” We can’t decide what is funnier, Brittni’s kick-butt dance moves or the horse’s face in the background. Either way, Brittni knocked this challenge out of the park and we are eager to see who is going to step up to the plate and accept her challenge. McLain? Beezie? Any takers?

Go Brittni and Go Jumping!

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