Photo Challenge: 28 Equine Bad Hair Days

It happens to the best of us.

Horses are noble, majestic creatures… but just like all of us who walk this earth, they occasionally get bad hair days too. Here are our favorite reader submissions to this week’s photo challenge.

I had to keep her floof braided for two weeks after she whacked her face on the trailer. This was when I freed the beast. Photo by Jenna Stauder

Callie is the queen of bad hair days! PC: Hope Carlin

Awkward curl ??
PC: Jaimie Hamsmith

Cherokee’s bed head, hay do. Photo by Shannon Carter

Snowday and his hay hair. Photo by Lindsey Sanford-Mcgurk

My yearling Annie trying to look cute for the farrier, wind wasn’t in her favor. Photo by Hailey Longstreth

Piper has lots of bad hair days. Photos by Mila Tolley

Post-braiding poodleriffic Jheri curl… #littlechief #horsenation #goriding #windsweptstables #tolerantlessonhorse #blueribbonhair
Photo by Merrilyn Ratliff

Cocklebur frolock ?
-photo by Christy Castle

Some horses are majestic. This one is my Moose. photo by Nicole Klee

My crazy redhead! Amy Dulan, Sundog Ranch, LLC.

I took off his fly mask and he had hat hair. The look in his says he knows it too. Photo by Lynn Howland

If you have a bad hair day, just put on a hat. PC Jodie Carlson

80s bangs…photo by Kerri Zissman Johnson

As graceful as always…Photo by Sabrina Furgal

My mini Sophie caught the wind at a bad angle. Photo by Jena Lisowski

Rachel Anne Wilkewitz: When your mom is too tired to take out your braids after a show you end up with a really funky hairdo the next day ? photo by Mary Clare Owdziej

Just a little windy!
Photo by Jill Tipton

Little MillieMoo of Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven sporting a very fetching little chifon . Photograph Cathy Dee – Photographer

Bed head… photo by Nissa Sjoberg

Mirage looking like she lost a fight with the electric fence ? photo credit TL Moore

Shows over can we go home now! Primarily Denver after TIP Championships last year. Photo by Lexi Poteat

Wild hair, don’t care! My girl Chloe and I, picture by my wonderful husband Sean Endfinger

#mohawk #haireverywhere #fillyfoal #goriding #lifeofkai #irishdraught #rarebreed

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Don King has taken over Bentley! #goriding

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How's my hair look? #ponyselfie #poniesofinstagram #goodhairday #goriding

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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