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Shefightslikeagirl might go into history as one of the best horse names ever.

There’s a hot debate among off-track Thoroughbred (OTTB) fans about whether or not to keep the Jockey Club racing name as the horse’s official show name in their second career or if owners should change the name.

Both sides have good arguments: in the “keep” camp, enthusiasts maintain that using the JC name honors the horse’s first career and history, plus makes it easier for connections to keep track of their horses after they move to second careers. In the “change” category, enthusiasts maintain that a second career is a fresh start and horses deserve a brand-new name to accompany — plus, some Jockey Club names are just truly terrible (such as the New York Times-famous “Olivia Loves Jesus”).

But when your name is Shefightslikeagirl, coming to your second career just when the phrase is shifting from insult to empowerment, you definitely keep it. Ride along with Shefightslikeagirl over North Atlanta Equestrian’s beginner novice:

Shefightslikeagirl is headed for the 2018 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover with Lindsey Burns. Follow the pair’s road to Kentucky at Shefightslikeagirl’s Facebook page!

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