Video: Summer Fun For Everyone

For those days where you can’t decide if you want to go to the lake or hitch up the horse.

I’ve been there plenty of summer days: you can’t decide if you want to lounge lazy, floating along on the giant unicorn float with a Moscow mule in your hand, or if you should virtuously get the horse out and work him so he doesn’t spend another day just standing around waiting for a job to do. (Spoiler: the horse probably doesn’t care either way, but I’m one of those individuals who has to carpe the diem whenever possible.)

Perfect solution: why not do both?

New trend

I told you that this is a new trend ?❤Credits: ritaakamil

Posted by Horse Planet on Monday, August 6, 2018

Obviously, a well-broke horse is paramount for this particular exercise, as well as a durable floatie toy that can withstand a slow drag. Additional disclaimers: make sure your horse is fit enough for water work and that you’re driving him in areas free from underwater snags such as logs or old pilings.

The safety talk out of the way, have a blast this summer, Horse Nation. Go riding… or driving… or swimming… or all of the above.

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