Tuesday Video: Meet Colton, a Zebra Foal

What’s cuter than a newborn foal learning how to stretch those legs? A newborn foal WITH STRIPES.

Colton, a Grevy’s Zebra colt, was born on July 19 at the Saint Louis Zoo, by Dewy out of Tiombe. As of last week, Colton and his mother are now able to be viewed by zoo visitors, and if zebra foal antics are anything like horse foal antics (and we’re confident that they are, only with stripes) we’re sure that visitors will fall in love with Colton immediately!

Meet Colton!

It's a boy! A male Grevy’s zebra foal was born at the Saint Louis Zoo on July 19. Colton weighed 83 pounds at birth. His parents are mother, 15-year-old Tiombe (Tee-OM-bay), and father, 9-year-old Dewy. As of this week, visitors can now see the colt and his mother at the Red Rocks area of the Zoo.The Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Center for Conservation in the Horn of Africa supports conservation of the endangered Grevy’s zebra and other unique species in that region. Around the same time as Colton’s birth, a Grevy’s zebra was born in the wild in northern Kenya, where the Saint Louis Zoo supports Grevy’s zebra conservation efforts.

Posted by Saint Louis Zoo on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Colton is a Grevy’s Zebra, one of three zebra species recognized in the world (the others are mountain and plains zebra, both of which have several subspecies). Grevy’s zebra are endangered, with an estimated 2,000 mature animals left in Africa — down from over 25,000 just a few decades ago. Habitat loss is a major factor.

Encouragingly, a wild Grevy’s zebra was born in Africa around the same time as Colton was born in Saint Louis. The Saint Louis Zoo supports conservation efforts for wild Grevy’s zebra through the WildCare Center for Conservation in the Horn of Africa.

Go zebras. Go riding!

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