Equestrian Disciplines Described In Haiku

“Dressage and jumping / really get in the way of / running cross-country.” Eight disciplines, described in three lines with five-seven-five syllables.



Pay lots of money
to have that chap in the box
judge your horse-dancing.

Trail riding

Ride up that mountain
and back down the other side
just because you can.


Used to be chasing
hounds and foxes through the field.
Now jump prettiest.


We trot our horses
around the ring rather like
a giant dog show.


Easy to explain
to others but wickedly
hard to try to ride.


Dressage and jumping
really get in the way of
running cross-country.

Barrel Racing

We spend tons of cash
and time to run in the ring
for twenty seconds.


Loping all fancy
while people make whooping sounds
and then stop real hard.

Go riding.

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