SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: ‘If Horses Were People: Farriers Edition, Part 2’

Our favorite video series from the crazy horse people at SmartPak is back! In celebration of July’s National Farriers Week, SmartPak released another edition of “If Horses Were People.”

SmartPak is best known in the horse world for its eponymous supplement systems — you know, SmartPaks! But coming in a close second has got to be the “If Horses Were People” series of videos: these hysterical re-enactments of what all of us recognize as common experiences in our day-to-day horse lives. Sarah and Sara, our hats are off to you.

In honor of July’s National Farriers Week, SmartPak released a Part 2 of the farriers’ edition of the “If Horses Were People” series. For anyone who has ever held a horse for the farrier — ever — you’ll recognize all of these moments. And may have lived a couple of them as well.

Yep. Recognized all of those. And boy, am I glad that my horse isn’t actually a person.

Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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