Watch This: Calgary Stampede ‘Cowboy Up’

Now THIS is an extreme cowboy race… won by a cowgirl, of course.

The Calgary Stampede’s Cowboy Up Challenge is the ultimate test for horse and rider, pitting each pair against the clock through an intense obstacle course designed to test the focus, courage and trust of both. No one can get through the course without a solid relationship with their horse built on mutual trust, and a good round is indeed a thing of beauty.

The 2018 challenge winner was Magen Warlick with TSU Hickory Cash. Despite laying down an impressive winning round, Warlick stays quiet and frosty in the saddle — she never appears to lose her cool, and she rides softly, kindly and intuitively with perfect focus. This pair could be out having fun on the ranch rather than competing for $10,000 and top honors from the look of them!

Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Winning Run

WINNING RUN: Some people are all hat. Magen Warlick is all race.The cowgirl from Stephenville, Texas led the competition going into the sudden-death finals of the Calgary Stampede’s Cowboy Up Challenge on Thursday night, having dominated the two previous go ’rounds. It was a position she wasn’t about to relinquish without a fight.

Posted by Calgary Stampede Agriculture on Sunday, July 15, 2018

What an inspiring performance! Magen Warlick and TSU Hickory Cash are prime examples of just what is possible when you trust your horse and your horse trusts you.

Go riding!

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