SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, August Edition

Mares in heat, effective warm-ups, hay testing and more: the August edition of SmartPak’s “Ask the Vet” series covers a lot of ground! Catch all of SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray’s responses to fan-submitted horse health questions.

Is it safe for your horse to get right to work when you get on? Screen shot

What causes a bowed tendon and how do you diagnose it? How do you recognize an uncomfortable heat cycle in your mare versus colic? What’s a safe warm-up protocol to reduce the risk of injury? How on earth do you interpret a hay test??

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these questions, then you’ll want to catch the August edition of SmartPak’s educational and in-depth “Ask the Vet” video series! SmartPaker Sarah and SmartPak staff veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray answer fan-submitted horse health questions and seek to help us all get a little smarter when it comes to providing the best care for our horses.

Questions answered in this episode:

1. What exactly is a bowed tendon? What causes a bowed tendon? What is the rehab protocol? What are the effects on future soundness (any athletic restrictions)?

2. Can mares in heat have symptoms similar to colic? If so, is there anything I can give my mare to reduce pain?

3. I have seen riders get on and walk their horse for half a lap around the ring before putting them right to work. Is this just asking for an injury? What is the proper way and length of time to warm a horse up, particularly before taking a jumping lesson? Also, my horse spends most of her day in a stall. Does she need even more warm up time?

4. I keep hearing about the importance of having your hay tested so you know the nutrition content. How do you interpret the results of a hay analysis? Thank you for all the videos – they’re super informative and helpful!

5. What are your thoughts on mowing pastures? Isn’t it bad to leave the grass clippings behind when mowing especially if the horses go back in the pasture right away and eat them?

Want to submit your question for next month? (Don’t forget that any questions selected for the next video will earn you a SmartPak gift card — woohoo!) Just post your question to social media using #AskTheVetVideo, or use SmartPak’s handy form.

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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