Fantasy Farm Thursday: $5.85M Personal Equestrian Mountain in New Jersey

Yep, the entirety of the peak of Pohatcong Mountain could be all yours to enjoy with your horses. Outdoor arena with a view, anyone? Hill workouts for days and days? Price reduced!

Sometimes a girl doesn’t wanna have to choose. Sometimes I want a private mountain where I can ride or drive all of my horses in peace and stare off into space and think deep thoughts in peace and solitude, and sometimes I want to be close to a city center to get away from the farm for two minutes (these moments are fleeting, but they do happen).

If this description sounds like you too, then bam, have I got a deal for you. This little beauty of an estate in Asbury, New Jersey encompasses the entire peak of Pohatcong Mountain with gorgeous views of the Appalachian range… plus it’s only an hour’s drive from Philadelphia and New York. Win!

Let’s start with a little flyover.

The property boasts 51 acres in total, with additional acreage — up to 100 acres with two homes and multiple outbuildings — available for purchase in separate parcels if you really want to spread out. The farm already has everything you need, however, from the exquisite 10,000 square foot home (with three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms) to the three barn structures including six stalls. And, of course, look at all of that gorgeous pasture.

Let’s start our tour in the home.

All photos courtesy of Devon LeCompte/Weidel Real Estate

Totally custom, this is a one-of-a-kind home that puts you right in the middle of your farm. From the look of the listing photos, you can glance out any window and see your ponies grazing away essentially right in the lawn, and if that’s not your childhood dream come to life then you’re reading the wrong website.

The house is also chock-full of unique features that have definitely starred in your wildest HGTV dreams, such as this sweeping staircase down which I can imagine myself swanning gracefully in riding attire (rather than the reality, in which I’d likely trip and fall wearing a dirty pair of jeans and a faded holey tee shirt).

My other favorite thing about this house is that you get a, you know, halfway decent view out of most of the windows. Like, say, the kitchen.

And the living room. Hey, what’s that out the window? How about a GORGEOUS VIEW.

And while you’re ruminating over your fabulous day in your gorgeous bathroom. What’s that I see outside the window?


Okay, okay, we get it. If you’re still not convinced, let’s take a walk down to the equestrian facilities. This is, after all, Fantasy FARM Thursday.

How does this sexy thing suit you?

If you’re the kind of equestrian who loves amenities, you’ve got to check this place out. The aisle is done in rubber pavers that look like authentic old brick. Six palatial stalls will have your horses living like kings. The barn is outfitted with a wet fly suppressant system. I didn’t even know I needed that until right now.

The hot and cold wash stall is legitimately nicer than my actual shower… in my house.

There’s a backup generator for just the barn in case the power goes out; find an RV hookup outside for when your friends or family or out-of-town trainer come in for the weekend. Both the riders’ lounge and the cedar-lined tack room (CEDAR, people) are climate controlled. There’s a laundry room, kitchenette and bathroom… all in the barn.

And in case you forgot already from the flyover video earlier, there’s turnout to spare.

(And for your horses, there’s even… you guessed it, a great view.)

Just imagine, Horse Nation. This whole place could be yours for the relatively reasonable price of just $5.85 million.

Your castle on the hill is waiting. Check out this property listing by Devon LeCompte at Weidel Real Estate to learn more.

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