Tuesday Video: Points For Enthusiasm

If only that were actually a thing…

Okay, so maybe yesterday we were championing Laura Graves and Verdades, and today we’re celebrating this charming plucky little horse who spooks himself at his own fart, but that’s how the equestrian cookie crumbles, isn’t it?

If points for exuberance and enthusiasm were a scoring category, just think about how different the world might be:

A: Enter at working trot and proceed down the centreline without halting. C: Track rightBetween C&M: Spook at your own fartShare as you please – now taking sponsorship applications… Heinz??

Posted by Megan Elphick on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Whee! Grab mane, hang tight, and hope that maybe, just maybe, somehow the judge didn’t see that one.

Go riding!

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