Photo Challenge: 18 Gorgeous Horsey Sunsets

As submitted by readers!

The best way to make a sunset more beautiful is to have a horse in the scene; the best way to enhance the natural beauty of the horse is to put him in front of a sunset. Here are this week’s gorgeous sunset photo challenge submissions from Horse Nation readers!

I love sunset rides! Photo Credit: Tiffany Gook

Picture by Lindsay Rausch

Lunging my horse Meadowridge DayCoach, photo Victoria Tunis

Meredith Lynne Conrad: This is me galloping on the beach in Nicaragua! PC: Rancho Chilamate

Gotta love desert sunsets!
Photo credit: Nissa Sjoberg

Mississippi sunset! Photo cred: Margaret Wilson.

My horse Patron in San Jose back in 2013. Photo by Natalie Leighton

Evening drive at The Grand Oaks Resort in Weirsdale, FL
Pc: Allison Zarembowicz

Riding Rocky under a New Jersey sunset. Photo Credit: Alycia Bardon

Photo credit: Hunter Glisson-Warner

Sunset cool down post ride.
Photo credit: Nicki Verbeck

Photo credit: Kara Corpman

Rode inside because it was storming, but the night ended up beautiful! Photo Credit: Alison Kennedy

Credit Rhonda Comer Arbogast

Picture from a while ago, it was a great day. Photo by Morgan Mitchell

Photo credit: Michelle Imm

The clouds speak for themselves #cloudporn #sunset #calypsofarm #goriding

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Go riding!

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