Thoroughbred Incentive Program July Youth Ambassador

Meet Brenna Tento!

Photo by Lauren Fitzgerald

T.I.P. presents July’s featured Youth Ambassador: Brenna Tento. Brenna, 17, is from Pennsylvania. Brenna and her Thoroughbred, Scatter Creek – a.k.a Joe, participate in Hunters and Equitation.  She participates in 4-H and helps promote the Thoroughbred breed not only through T.I.P. but also through shows in her area. In June Brenna helped her 4-H group put on a Thoroughbred Hunter Jumper show to benefit the club.

Brenna Tento (17, PA)


  • Registered Jockey Club Name: Scatter Creek
  • Show Name: Scatter Creek
  • Barn Name: Joe

How did you start riding?

My family and I were visiting family friends who owned horses, and I fell in love with the horses.

What is your favorite thing about riding/or your horse?

My favorite thing about my horse Joe is his personality. Joe is always looking for attention and wants to please me. He is so sweet.

What would you like to do when you are older?

When I am older I would like to pursue a career in science. I hope to involve horses in whatever career I choose.

Tell us your favorite quote and why:
My favorite quote is “Every second you are either schooling or un-schooling your horse.” This quote by George Morris reminds me to be mindful of everything I do when I am riding. It helps me to think about everything I ask my horse to do, how I am asking, and how he is responding.

What do you think the most important aspects of horsemanship are?
I think the most important aspect of horsemanship is good sportsmanship. One must show good sportsmanship whether they win or lose. It should be shown not just to other competitors, but to their trainer, the shows’s staff, and their horse.

Photo by Lauren Fitzgerald

More Fun Facts

How many pets do you have (and what kind)?

I have one Thoroughbred named Joe and a miniature golden doodle named Chip.

What is your favorite animal (apart from a horse)?

My favorite animal besides a horse is a dog.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is mashed potatoes.

What is something unique about you?

Although my family is not involved with horses, I have been able to pursue and be successful in equestrian activities

What is one word that your friends would describe you as?


What is one thing you would like to tell people about Thoroughbreds or the Thoroughbred Incentive Program?

I would like to tell people that they should become involved in the programs that the Thoroughbred Incentive Program offers. T.I.P. has given me and my Thoroughbred many opportunities and has the ability to give you these opportunities as well.

What are your goals for your horse in 2017?

Some goals I have for my horse and me in 2018 include continuing to show and improve in the hunter ring, as well as, to go on more trail rides.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

I am very excited to be given the opportunity to represent the Thoroughbred and TIP by being a TIP Youth Ambassador.

The Thoroughbred Incentive Program was created by The Jockey Club to encourage second careers for Thoroughbreds when their racing days are over. The T.I.P. sponsors Thoroughbred-only classes and high point awards as well as Performance Awards, special year-end awards specifically for Thoroughbreds. The T.I.P. also recognizes non-competing Thoroughbreds through its Young Rider program as well as a special award for Thoroughbreds in careers such as therapy horses or other non-profit outlets.

To learn more about the Thoroughbred Incentive Program, please visit the organization’s website.

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