The Hay Farmer’s Worst Fear

Have you ever had a cyclone take your windrow?

Okay, so maybe the hay farmer’s true worst fear is a sudden rainstorm that pops up and ruins your sunny afternoon, soaking your perfectly-drying windrows of hay and ruining another mowing… but this has got to come in a close second.

This farmer in England faced a unique sight when a small cyclone popped up in a field of freshly-mowed hay, wreaking havoc across the field with absolutely no signs of slowing down. Certainly, this little phenomenon was far less damaging than the kind of large-scale tornadoes that cause damage and loss of life in the American Midwest… but it certainly caused quite a mess for this farm.

Disclaimer: we do NOT recommend running into a cyclone to see what happens. At best, you’ll likely run a good chance of being hit with small debris; at worst, you could be knocked off your feet or hit with large debris.

I'll see your earthquake Surrey and raise you one hay #Tornado

Posted by Tom Nicholson on Thursday, July 5, 2018

We have to admire the fortitude of the tractormen still patiently making their rows, probably shaking their head at this fellow leaping right in for the experience. On the other hand, this hay will probably dry a little bit faster now after this fluff cycle…

Have a safe haying season out there, Horse Nation! Go riding!

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