SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Introducing the Colic Resource Center

If knowledge is power, then SmartPak is aiming to make us the most powerful horse owners we can be when it comes to colic: click here to learn more about the Colic Resource Center!

Among the reasons that SmartPak is one of my favorite companies in the horse world is its dedication to educating and empowering horse owners to help us make the best decisions for our horses’ health and well-being. Not only is SmartPak’s homepage a great place to score great values on supplements, apparel and tack, but the educational library is rich in resources so you can be the smartest horse owner around.

The latest development in SmartPak’s educational materials is the Colic Resource Center: chock-full of videos and articles, SmartPak’s Colic Resource Center puts into one place everything you could want to know about how colic works, how you can prevent colic risks, colic surgery and treatment and life after colic. You can also learn more about SmartPak’s awesome ColiCare program, which can reimburse owners up to $7,500 for colic surgery.

Despite best practices and management techniques to bring risk factors down, colic can strike almost any horse at almost any time — but as horse owners, we don’t have to be totally helpless. Head over to the Colic Resource Center and learn about these any many other colic-related topics:

  • Gas and impaction colic
  • The latest in colic research
  • Tips to reduce colic risk
  • Fact and fiction about colic surgery
  • Real stories of life after colic surgery
  • Fact and fiction about ColiCare

Thanks for putting all of this knowledge at our fingertips, SmartPak! Go riding.

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