This Might Be the Ultimate Horse-For-Sale Video

What more could you possibly ask a horse to do?

Miller Ranch of Scottsdale, Arizona might just be THE destination if you’ve got a horse that needs to see a few things. Whether you like to call it “bombproofing” or “desensitization,” you can’t deny that this Missouri Fox Trotter mare Velvet’s Dark Temptation MR is a willing partner through thick, thin and everything in between.

We’d never like to find a situation in this mare might consider losing her head for a moment. It must be something truly terrible to behold…

Posted by Lothar Rowe on Monday, June 4, 2018

From large equipment to guns to flags to umbrellas to every imaginable trail obstacle, this mare handles it all — including those wacky waving arm-flailing inflatable tube men! Velvet’s Dark Temptation turned so many heads when this video was released about a month ago that she already sold, and headed across the pond to Germany.

For more information about Miller Ranch, visit the website and follow on Facebook for more cool videos.

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