Watch This: A Spa For Horses

This yard in Great Britain spared no expense when it came to ensuring the comfort and health of its horses in training!

Personally, I call it a good day if I can just get all the mud off of my horse and he still has all four shoes on… but this yard in Great Britain is certainly setting a high standard for individualized care and therapies for its horses in race training!

Including a treadmill, horse walkers, a vibe plate, a solarium, water spa and salt box, you might think that this place truly has everything. What’s also key, however, is not just all of these external therapies — but the people who work with the horses every day and know them inside and out. These are the people who perceive the little changes in a horse that can be the clue to the start of a larger problem.

A spa for racehorses #HorseComesFirst

Sometimes you just need a spa day! ?‍♀️?‍♂️?A great new initiative that proves the #HorseComesFirst in racing

Posted by World Horse Racing on Friday, June 15, 2018

Similar stories play out in many top-level barns, from show jumpers to dressage to reining and polo, all over the world — the sparing of no expense, as well as the individualized care from the people who know a horse best. Both of these factors are key to keeping these athletes at the top of their game!

Go riding.

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