Lighthoof Tuesday Video: ‘Free Range Billy’

The good people at Brookby Heights International just keep that laugh track rolling.

Brookby Heights International is perhaps best known for its over-the-top sales videos that prove that their horses are broke to pretty much everything. As you might suspect, however, their day-to-day hijinks around the farm are just as hysterical as their edited and produced videos.

Case in point: the adventures of Free Range Billy, who has apparently lost his “free range” status after this particular conundrum…

Bloody free range Billy did it again! So for your viewing pleasure, the extraction method. It’s kinda like watching a very hairy backside do Latin American dancing.

Posted by Brookby Heights International on Thursday, June 14, 2018

A pony who we gather was allowed to wander the farm as a sort of mascot, Free Range Billy went to great lengths to access one particular shrink-wrapped bale that must have been calling his name. Never doubt a pony’s ability to wedge himself into totally inaccessible locations… and never doubt a horse person’s ability to somehow get him unstuck.

Go riding!

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