Thursday Video: Lipizzan Foal Serenity

Are you having a stressful week? We have just what you need to unwind for a few moments.

We understand: life is hectic and stressful. It seems as though in the moments where all you want to do is sit in the pasture next to your horse and listen to him grazing, responsibilities pull you in a thousand other directions. If you’re playing hooky for a few moments from the chaotic real world by browsing Horse Nation, we get it — and we have just the fix you need.

Imagine you’re here, beneath this shady tree on a hillside at Piber, the national Lipizzan stud in Austria, where all of the future stars of the famous Spanish Riding School are born and raised. All you can hear are the birds of early summer, the occasional snort or wicker from the mares grazing in the lush pasture below, and every now and then a little whinny from one foal to another as they play their baby games:

Feierabend im Lipizzanergestüt Piber bedeutet für so manche, dass es raus auf die Weide geht – unserem Nachwuchs gefällt das, wie man sieht!

Posted by Lipizzanergestüt Piber on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Take a deep breath in… and out. Feel refreshed and ready to tackle your day? You’re welcome.

Go riding!

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