Thursday Video: Nursing Home Visit

When one man couldn’t make it outside to see the visiting horse at his nursing home, the staff allowed the horse to come to him!

Growing awareness about the therapeutic benefits of visiting with a horse, even just to look upon one and touch that velvety muzzle, is leading more and more senior housing, nursing homes and hospitals to set up visits from equines. Most of the time, those horses, especially if they aren’t trained therapy animals, are required to stay outside… for obvious reasons.

But this particular nursing home kindly allowed Resolution EQ and his posse of ground crew inside to visit one resident who couldn’t make it out to see the horse. I’d say, judging from the look on the man’s face, that the extra steps were well worth it!

Two videos:

Resolution EQ With the little girl that rides him

Posted by Steve Heathcott on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Posted by Steve Heathcott on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

That gentleman’s day was made! And by extension, so is ours.

Go riding!

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