Photo Challenge: Spot the Shape in These Equine Markings

Submitted by readers!

Some equine markings have held traditional significance (show of hands: who’s read King of the Wind?) Others are fairly standard: diamond-shaped stars, symmetrical blazes, four white socks in the much-loved and much-scrubbed “chrome.”

But for this week’s photo challenge, we’re looking at some truly unique markings, submitted by readers!

The question mark. Photographer Lynn Howland
The horse is named Bramble

Miss Ella has a crescent moon! Photo by Brittany Berno

Shantel Brooks: Rex literally wears his heart on his sleeve – Photographed by Natalie Pace

Alyson Teachout: “Mouse” loves to get catty as she chases cows around in team penning and working rancher events!
Photographer: Jenessa Teachout

Denny star is a ?. So unique. Some days it is more prominent than others. Photo by Lexi Poteat Pejnovic

Mae is a TB with lots of heart. Photo by Megan Guntharp

Melissa Shell photo.
She has a Terrier dog on her side

So it’s not very child friendly, but I think his stripe looks like a sperm. ???‍♀️ That’s my boy! Photo by Jayme Landry Nault

This pretty girl has the state of New Jersey on her forehead. Photo by Stacey Lee

A pink arrow between the nostrils. Thunder, 1987-2018. Photo by Jeffrey Lesitsky

Perhaps I’m biased but believe this is a “heart” shaped patch on my mares back. Only marking on her entire sealbay body. Photo by Lauren Pfarr

Not the best picture, but can you spot Zippy’s hidden Mickey? Photo by Juliana Asbill

An upside down magpie bird. Photo by Isabelle Scott

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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