Video: ‘So Did He Win?’

We’re sure that this scene played out in living rooms all over the country on Saturday evening…

While a large percentage of us were likely glued to the television on Saturday evening to watch Justify’s historic Triple Crown run in the Belmont Stakes, another good percentage of us were likely on the road with our horses — after all, the first Saturday in June is a great time for a horse show or a trail ride.

For those of us behind the wheel, we may have relied on friends and family at home to keep us updated on the Belmont. For eventer Elisa Wallace, coming home from a successful day at Chattahoochee Hills, her Triple Crown update came courtesy of her father, who obviously explain what was going on quite calmly and clearly for maximum comprehension:

I wonder who just won the Belmont Stakes?

Posted by Timothy Harfield on Saturday, June 9, 2018

Well, you know, it was exciting.

Go riding!

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