SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: June is Colic Awareness Month

SmartPak has partnered with SUCCEED to make June Colic Awareness Month, helping to educate horse owners about all things colic-related from risk factors to ways to keep your horse healthy.

Colic is one of those words that can send a shiver of fear up the spine of even the most stoic equestrians: it can strike seemingly any horse at any time with no warning, from your backyard companion to your high-performance horse at the peak levels of the sport. Feeling helpless at the hands of colic is a terrible feeling for horse owners — but there’s a lot we can do to better understand colic and how we can help mitigate risk factors in our horses.

This month, our friends at SmartPak are teaming up with SUCCEED to present Colic Awareness Month, aimed at helping to educate horse owners about all things colic. You can check out the Colic Awareness Month library of great educational articles to learn more; we’ve highlighted a few of these articles below.

  • Myth: We Can’t Prevent Colic in Horses: it’s a commonly-believed myth that colic is totally unpreventable. We as horse owners can actually do quite a bit to reduce our horses’ risk factors, such as feeding management, turnout management and maintaining good gut health, especially for training and traveling.
  • Promote a Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Equine Colic Risk: from slowly changing your feed program to working with your veterinarian and dentist to emphasize nutrition and your horse’s individual needs, there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure your horse’s lifestyle is reducing his overall colic risk.
  • Fact or Fiction: Colic Surgery: this article dispels a lot of the common myths about colic surgery, from whether or not a horse can return to his previous workload, whether a horse is too old for surgery or not, or how expensive colic surgery can be.

There are plenty of articles to help expand your colic knowledge, so click over to SmartPak to start learning!

If you’re interested in starting your horse on a digestive supplement this month to help reduce his colic risk factors, SmartPak is offering 50% your first month in AutoShip SmartPaks, or 20% off your first AutoShip bucket. Just use promo code DigestAid!

Here’s to keeping our horses healthy. Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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