Photo Challenge: 12 Epic Backdrops

The best way to improve an epic photo? Add a horse.

Imagine one of those landscape calendars with mountain views, ocean sunrises, endless fields of green… now be honest, we know you’ve thought about riding in those scenes. These lucky riders got to do just that: this week, we’re spotlighting reader-submitted photos of themselves riding in truly epic scenery!

Heidi Davis: My husband and I riding in Valley of Fire, NV. This outcrop is called Elephant Rock. Photo by Mary Sue Kunz.

Nicole Andres Hillary: Photo credit Equathon Horse Riding (Noosa, Australia). Awesome trail ride, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone visiting that area!

Nothing beats a great trail ride! Photo by Mindy Favreau

Merrilyn Elise: Cross country schooling with my cinnamon prince! Photo by Laurie McDowell

Kelly Leigh Moody: Sunset in Florida. Photo cred Michael Moody

Rachel Severinsen: On the beach in Oregon… PC Elise Holmes

Bonnie Parr: Ft Custer Recreational Area, photo by my friend and riding partner Judy Bragg StJean

Throwback to that time we hauled our horses to Wyoming for the weekend. #goriding

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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