World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: AP Belmont

As excitement builds for this coming Saturday’s Belmont Stakes in which Justify will attempt to become the 13th Triple Crown winner, let’s rewind back to the magic of the 2015 Belmont when American Pharoah left his mark on racing history.

Of all of the people who were watching the 2015 Belmont Stakes — likely a fair number of us reading this article right now, from our television screens at home, and maybe a lucky few in person — I’d like to think that no one experienced the true emotion quite like the people who work every day at the racetrack. After all, American Pharoah wasn’t just winning this one for himself, his connections, or even the legions of racing fans lifelong and brand new: he was winning this one for all of horse racing, every individual who works front of house or behind the scenes to ensure that a day at the track goes smoothly.

From the grooms and hotwalkers to the outriders and assistant starters, there are hundreds of people we don’t really see when we’re at the races when our eyes our fixated on our favorite horses and jockeys — but they work tirelessly, day in and day out. I’d like to think that American Pharoah’s long-awaited Triple Crown win was one for the home team.

This outrider’s perspective definitely backs up that belief: from the growing crush of noise and excitement as the race draws near to the flash of the gates opening to being the lucky individual to catch Victor Espinoza and American Pharoah after the finish, this helmet cam video will have you cheering like it’s 2015.

American Pharoah was certainly a special horse to captivate so many. What are your thoughts, Horse Nation — can Justify take the Triple Crown too?

Go riding!

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