Lighthoof Tuesday Video: Just Gonna Bring This

Plain old walking is not enough of a challenge, apparently.

There’s always that one guy that has to be a little different — those individuals thrive on going against the status quo. We’ve seen plenty of horses literally going against the norm on the walker, such as this guy walking the wrong way.

But we’ve never seen a horse add to the challenge by bringing along his favorite feed pan. You have to imagine his mouth and neck would get tired, but he seems pretty happy about it…

Impala, what are you doing..⁉️??? #crazy #horse #impalasmh #playtime #badboy #lol #equestrian #summer #sunnyday #funnyday #love

Posted by Liza Tiebot on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The only way I could have connected to this horse further on a spiritual level is if he had filled the pan with snacks for the trip around the walker. Maybe next time, Impala. Keep working hard.

Go riding!

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