SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, June Edition

Straw bedding, sheath sounds, contending with ticks and more: SmartPaker Sarah and SmartPak Medical Director and Staff Veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray are back tackling your horse health questions in the June edition of “Ask the Vet!”

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As stated in the preamble of this video, sure — you could Google some of these answers, but as they say, ask two horse people a question and you’ll get three answers. Why not get the information from a trusted resource presented clearly, such as the good people at SmartPak? SmartPaker Sarah and SmartPak Medical Director and Staff Veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray tackle fan-submitted horse health questions in the June edition of Ask the Vet. Even if these are questions you haven’t wondered yourself, it never hurts to learn more!

Questions answered in this episode:

1. As it relates to horse health, what are the pros and cons of straw bedding?

2. When should one call the vet for the horse? And please do not say, “in any situation when you are not sure,” because that is almost all the time and would become very expensive and bothersome to the vet! Aside from trauma, what are some other obvious signals to do so?

3. My gelding makes weird noises with his sheath when we work…I’m told that it’s air, is that true? What is the cause? Is there anything I can do about it?

4. I was wondering what you thought about using bone health supplements on a horse with navicular. Horse in question was first X-rayed in 2011. Since then has had regular Osphos and has stayed sound for normal work. Would a bone supplement help keep the horse sound as she gets older? Will one even help a horse with navicular?

5. What’s the best way to deal with ticks? As summer is approaching, more and more riders are trail riding and trails mean ticks. I always find them on my horse and am not sure about proper removal. How should we treat the wound after pulling the tick out? Any good prevention tactics? My horse gets nasty swollen bites…any SmartPak supplements or products to help?

Have your own horse health question to ask Sarah and Dr. Gray? Submit your question on social media using the hashtag #AskTheVet, or submit your question through this form! Top selected questions will be voted into the next video for July. (Bonus! If your question is selected, you’ll get a SmartPak gift card!)

Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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