Friday Video: Gravity Assist

Originally subtitled “something tells me Basil doesn’t get in big grassy fields much!”

Gravity is not always our friend when it comes to horseback riding. It does make certain things easier, like dismounting, but the basic laws of physics are not always working in our favor. Combine that with a cheeky mount who is more interested in the lush grass of the cross-country field and less interested in carrying on with a productive canter after landing, and gravity suddenly becomes quite a factor.

Hang on there, Ella! One attempt… two attempts… three attempts… well, good effort.

Poor Ella…..something tells me Basil doesn’t get in big grassy fields much!

Posted by Daniel Scott on Friday, May 18, 2018

We’re confident that Ella and Basil were just fine to fight another day, and we hope that Ella finds the humor in this situation — if not perhaps immediately, hopefully in a few years. Because we have to confess that we’re laughing quite hard over here.

We hope you all fall into the weekend with as much grace as this pair, Horse Nation! Go riding.


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