Thursday Video: Meet Hokenheim

The best teacher for young horses is often… another horse. Meet Hokenheim, a jump-out horse who has taught an estimated 3,500 young horses how to break from the gate.

Not every horse is destined for greatness on the racetrack — and increasingly, breeders, horsemen, aftercare organizations and racetracks themselves are networking to create a world in which every racehorse has a home in their days after racing. Many Thoroughbreds find their ways into second careers as sporthorses or recreational mounts, learning skills for both the show ring and the trail.

A select few, however, help carry the torch for the next generation — such as Hokenheim. Never particularly successful as a racehorse, Hokenheim found his real calling in his second career: the perfect jump-out horse. A jump-out horse helps settle youngsters and horses in re-training in the starting gate, teaching them how to break calmly but effectively when the gates flash open.

Watch Hokenheim at work:

Staff Stories – Hokenheim

It's #TeacherAppreciationDay and there's no better teacher to our youngstock then our jump-out pony Hokenheim – he's a superstar!

Posted by Godolphin on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Godolphin has racing outfits on four continents, but supports all of its horses through their second careers, whether bloodstock, training horses or second-career options. Visit the website to learn more about Godolphin’s Lifetime Care program.

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