Lighthoof Tuesday Video: English Ropers

We challenge you to not laugh when you hear these guys laugh at themselves.

Equestrians, we need to work hard on not taking ourselves too seriously. Ours is a unique sport in which we can often be pretty single-minded when it comes to our goals, going through our horse lives with blinkers on. It’s up to us to remember that we got into this whole thing for a love of the horse and a desire to enjoy ourselves.

Fortunately, for any of us who have strayed from that original goal, these two team ropers are here to remind us that horses are supposed to be fun, after all, and that it’s also okay to have a big ol’ belly laugh at yourself.

Anyone who’s ever roped before understands immediately why the western saddle is shaped like it is… and why roping in an English saddle really won’t work. If you haven’t been lucky enough to throw a loop in your horse life, let these two illustrate that latter point for you:

Posted by Jaret Maynard on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Valiant attempt, fellas. Thanks for the laughs!

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