Lighthoof Tuesday Video: Daring Highway Rescue

Horses on highways seem to be all over the news these days — but here’s another happy ending.

Every time we turn around it seems like there’s another video going viral of a horse somehow ending up on a highway — we’re not sure if that’s commentary on the number of horses around, or the number of highways, but either way it’s a real recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, this loose spooked horse in Texas happened to fall in alongside some good Samaritans who made a daring rescue to ensure she could be brought home safely:

Motorists help out horse on highway

"They just saved that horse's life": Motorists come to the rescue after a horse escaped from its owner and ended up in the middle of a Texas highway.

Posted by ABC News on Monday, May 21, 2018

According to unconfirmed comments on the original video, the horse’s owner reported that he had been working the horse, dismounted to take a break, and had someone intentionally spook the mare — and she ran all the way onto the highway. Public safety awareness message: horses spook, folks, and it’s not fun or funny to intentionally scare someone’s animal!

Fortunately, thanks to these heroes in pickups, this horse was delivered safely from harm.

Go riding!

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