Photo Challenge: #Twinning

Even horses have doppelgangers!

It happens more often than you think: you’re at a horse show or a trail ride and all of a sudden you’re pretty sure you’re looking in a mirror — a horse mirror! Here are 10 reader-submitted examples of equine twinning.

Lester & Grace. Photo by Denise Lawson Frank

Sam and Tipsy. Photo by Carolyn Camp

If I could only grow a moustache as regal as Stephen Mackenzie then we would match as well as our horses!! (Zorba & Kye) – photo credit my trusty Samsung, by Ally Smith

Madeleine McEntyre: When you’re best friends, you have to have matching EVERYTHING (pc + other half of team bro cat Caroline Asbell Pero)

We may have bought one because he matched the other…turned out he was equally as good a boy as the original! Photo by Jenna Stauder

Martine Howes: My personal horse, Frost, and i on the left.
And my friend Lucy on Prince on the right.
Both are cremello QH’s
Pc: Valerie Justice

Lexi Poteat Pejnovic: Our bay boys are matching! Both are Storm Cat grandsons. We sometimes have to look twice! The horse on the left is Primarily Denver and the one on the right is Pemberton. Photo by Tiffany Jones Crumbley

My matched set of Apps, Suz-E-Q and Rainbow Chaser! Photo by Mekaela McKanna

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Go riding!

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