Fantasy Farm Thursday: East Bay Facility That Literally Thought of Everything

Fantasy Farm Thursday makes a special re-appearance: Poplar Place Stables in the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay is on the market and ready to be your dream home!

Fantasy Farm Thursday traditionally spotlighted a true fantasy: multi-million-dollar properties gracing gorgeous remote mountain valleys or sub-tropical oceanside cliffs, with storybook boutique farms and emerald-green pastures and mansions to make your favorite Hollywood stars weep with envy.

Today’s fantasy farm might not come with the infinity pool, full bar, interior sauna and massive stone fireplace, but we still think it’s a true equestrian dream come true. For 23 years, Poplar Place Stables has served the East Bay region of San Francisco Bay, and it’s ready for new owners — and when we say they thought of everything for the dream horse business, they really thought of everything.

For example, how do three barns with a total of 45 stalls sound for your boarders, lesson horses, horses in training or clinic and show rentals sound?

All photos by Cary Groner Photography

The property includes six double-wide 12′ x 24′ box stalls, six 12′ x 12′ box stalls, and 33 12′ x 12′ box stalls with attached 12′ x 16′ outdoor runs.

Need cross-tie space? They thought of that. There are a total of five cross-tie areas on the property — plus an additional three wash stalls, complete with drains plus hot and cold water options. (All water is from a well on the property.)

What about tack rooms for all of your boarders? Don’t worry — there are four.

But what about enough space for everyone to ride? Well, there’s an 85′ x 185′ covered arena

… plus a 180′ x 230′ outdoor, complete with judge’s booth.

Okay, great, so we have all of this space… but what about parking for all of the show attendees and boarders and lesson students?

Yep, they thought of that too. Bonus: it’s totally flat. Bigger bonus: there are RV hookups right on site.

Oh, and two updated barn bathrooms for your boarders and students. There’s also a laundry room and a full grain room; there’s a specially-designed veterinary area that’s right next to the Ice Horse system. One more time for the people in the back: this place comes complete with its own Ice Horse system.

Fine. But it takes a ton of feed and shavings to keep a big place like this going — where are we going to store all of that?

They thought of that too. There’s a hay barn, a shavings barn and a silo to hold pellet feed, all with plenty of room for your delivery via semi. There are also two shipping container buildings for extra storage of equipment or supplies.

Do you need more turnout room for your horses? Grazing paddocks are ready and waiting. Want to ride outside of the arena? There’s a 1/3 mile conditioning track. Want to hit the trails? East Bay Municipal Utility District trails are easily accessible.

And at the end of the day, when you’re totally beat from enjoying all of these dream equestrian amenities, home is just a few feet away — two bedrooms, two bath, and just the right level of homey comfort (plus detached two car garage that doubles as a workshop). Relax on your front porch and look out over your little piece of horsey paradise, friends. The fantasy is real. You’ve arrived.

Oh, and did we mention that the entire property is solar? There was actually a $700 electrical refund last year. No big deal.

Still not convinced? Don’t miss this adorable video that shows you not just the property, but exactly what your life could be like if you were the owner…

Poplar Place Stables is on the market for just under $1.6 million. For more information on 1105 Bear Creek Road, Briones, California, please visit the property’s sale website.

Go riding.

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