World Equestrian Brands Driving Helmet Cam

This is no pleasure jog in the park: hang on tight for this intense marathon driving course at Little Everglades Ranch!

The world of driving is just as broad and deep as the world of riding: united by the common love of sitting behind a horse rather than on their backs, the individual disciplines are as different as night and day. Example: I drive my draft horse team Rocky and Randy and do things like spread manure or drag the field at a steady walk.

This marathon round from Little Everglades Ranch? This is a whole other animal. Hang on tight for some wild turns and acceleration that you didn’t think was possible in a carriage…

Water hazards, hills, gates a-plenty — combined driving is basically the eventing of the driving world, and it’s equally intense! “Sterling” is a nimble, athletic, talented horse indeed to take on not just the rigors of the marathon phase, but driven dressage and cones as well.

Go driving!

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