Lighthoof Tuesday Video: Duck Cutting

What a unique way for young riders to learn the mechanics of cutting!

Cutting is the quintessential western discipline, capitalizing on a cow horse’s natural ability to read and track a cow: in the show pen setting, a horse and rider separate a steer from a herd and then play “keep away,” preventing the steer from returning to the herd. In a real-world ranch application, cutting is a critical skill to separate a cow, calf or steer from the herd, perhaps for medical treatment or for moving cattle into new groupings.

A great cutting horse can often whip right out from underneath a rider if they’re not ready, so this unique idea is a great way for young riders in particular to learn the basic maneuvers of cutting without the risk and intimidation of riding on a real herd: this young cowgirl shows us how it’s done with a stick horse and a flock of ducks.

She does a great job, matching the duck’s movements and giving ground in her turns as to not pressure the duck any more than necessary:

Taylor in the duck cutting! 151! Way to go Taylor! Good times! good times! First place finish!

Posted by Budge Performance Horses LLC on Monday, July 24, 2017

This run reportedly scored a 151: well done, young rider! We’ll look for you in the youth pens in a few years.

Go riding!

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