Photo Challenge: Springtime, Between the Ears

The loveliest way to see the changing of the seasons is from the back of a horse! Here are our favorites from this week’s photo challenge.

Seriously, is there any better view in the world? Here’s what springtime looks like all across Horse Nation.

Taken today in Pawling, NY. Photo by Martine Howes

It’s bright and green. Photo by Molly Babcock Forney

A family of swans! Photo by Julie Bortz Stankus

Maine woods finally starting to turn green! Photo by Jessie Green

Green grass, shiny horses, and the road ahead. Spring looks wonderful between my buddy’s ears. Photo by Merrilyn Elise

Finally spring here in Montana! Photo by Stacy Sullivan

Any time of day looks beautiful between Atlas’ ears! Photo by Meredith Lynne Conrad

Denny was ready for spring but it’s now summer here in NW Florida with a high 90 today. Photo by Lexi Poteat Pejnovic

Last week Pawling NY. Photo by Melissa Hogan

2 weeks ago Fants Grove trails SC. Photo by Maxine Moscardini Cook

Horse butts on the trials of Greenhead, FL. Photo by Shelaina Hall

Photo by Alycia Skye Bardon

Springtime and the second ride on my new OTTB. It was a lovely day! Photo by Anne Ross Stone

#goriding on an endless sea of green

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Off roading with @alani33 #ottb #kwpn #trailriding #goriding

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Beautiful bluebells ???? #bluebells

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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