KER Friday Video: May the Horse Be With You

It’s May 4th: the perfect time to remember this random song from 2001 released by Relient K!

It’s May 4th… also known as Star Wars Day. (May the fourth be with you.)

And because equestrians are really good at making just about everything relate to horses in one way or another…

Nothing we crazy horse people love more than a good pun.

But way before the new Star Wars sequels to revitalize the series (thanks, Disney), there was Relient K, a now-slightly-obscure band from the late 90s/early 2000s, and their cult hit “May the Horse Be With You.” The tune is upbeat, the lyrics are goofy (okay, we’ll ignore the “turn us into glue” line) and overall this song is everything we loved about the music of the time.

Without further ado:

May the horse be with you… may the horse be with you every day.

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