Lighthoof Video: Mule Soccer

File this among “sports not likely to be seen at the next Olympics.”

Donkey basketball is apparently a “thing”… so why not mule soccer? These longear enthuisasts got together for a little friendly match with a well-broke group of tolerant mules to kick around a giant ball. The concept of chucking a giant, brightly-colored ball into an arena full of equines might be cause for alarm for a lot of us… but not for this group.

They might need a little work on their up-field passing, but we’ll give them an A for effort:

Mule Soccer

Posted by Helen Emerson Hicks on Friday, April 27, 2018

…we’re not really sure who won, but when you’re playing mule soccer, it’s probably safe to say that everyone is a winner.

Go riding!

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