SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Hunter & Dressage Braid How-To

Show season is upon us! If you’re hitting the ring any time soon, it’s high time to practice your braids. Here are tutorials from top grooms in the hunter and dressage worlds, courtesy of Team SmartPak!

A nicely-braided mane can accomplish a lot for your in the show ring by highlighting the strengths in your horse’s conformation and tying your whole turnout together. Professional-looking braids don’t have to be just for the pros, however — with a little practice, anyone can create a polished look for their show horse!

Team SmartPak barns helped put together these two videos to show us how to braid manes for both the hunter and dressage rings.

For hunters, here’s the how-to from Heather of McQuay Stables:

And for dressage horses, enjoy this advice from Sarah Perry, a well-loved braider by Team SmartPak rider Shannon Dueck:

Need braiding supplies? Check out the great selection from SmartPak! Best of luck in the show ring this season.

Go SmartPak! And go riding.

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